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Bosch Quantum Sensing

Bosch is hosting partner of Quantum Effects 2023

10 - 10/11/2023
Messe Stuttgart, Germany
Bosch @ Quantum Effects 2023

Bosch and Messe Stuttgart make "quantum technology made in Europe" visible!

Quantum Effects will be the new, international stage of quantum technology, where the bridge between science, start-ups and industry is built.

The event will be a mix of exhibition and conference for science and industrial users, as well as pitch areas for start-ups, finding areas and workshops.

As pioneer in the commercialization of quantum sensing we will play a key role in shaping the exhibition and conference as a hosting partner to drive this future key topic.

Together with Messe Stuttgart we want to make quantum technologies a live experience by means of exhibits, demonstrators and art installations.

The Quantum Effects will take place on October 10th & 11th, 2023 at Messe Stuttgart.

Find out more here: Quantum Effects 2023