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Start-up Quantum Sensing

How we explore & empower quantum sensing

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Research excellence

Bosch has been researching quantum technology for seven years, and we see ourselves as global leaders in this area.

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Start-up environment

As an in-house start-up, we act fast and agile to transform the excellent research results into powerful products & solutions.

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Rockstar team

We are a team of highly skilled technology and business experts combining corporate & start-up expertise.

Invented for life

User centricity

We put the users in the center of our activities to create solutions that offer real added value to our customers.

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Global network

We benefit from Bosch’s worldwide network, know-how and global market access.

Leaving an impact

Our revolutionary technology aims to improve the quality of life for everybody worldwide. #InventedForLife

Recent highlights

Meet us

Meet us

The W3+ Fair is the leading event platform for technology-based high-tech innovations of the optics, photonics, electronics and mechanics industry since 2014. The event will be hosted by Wetzlar Network and FLEET Events on 6 and 7 July. Location will be Wetzlar as the leading centre of the optics industry.

Our CEO, Dr. Katrin Kobe, will be presenting at the N-Tec Talks at the W3+ Fair and discuss the evolution of quantum sensing. Come and meet us there!

Bosch announces our start-up

Bosch announces our start-up

In February of 2022, Bosch published a press release to announce its plans to enter the market for quantum sensor products, the foundation of our start-up and the hire of Dr. Katrin Kobe as our CEO:

“Bosch establishes start-up for quantum sensing”.

Revolutionary technology. Improving the quality of life. For everybody. Worldwide.