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Start-up Quantum Sensing

Quantum Sensing #LikeABosch

Bosch is driven by the desire to develop technology “Invented for life”. As global leaders in terms of research of quantum sensing, we are now driving innovation in this market in an agile start-up environment. We have set out to make Bosch a leading provider of quantum sensing products and services that improve the quality of life for all people worldwide.

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With our outstanding team, we continue to transform the very powerful demonstrators that have been developed so far into solutions that offer real added value to our customers. In a design thinking approach, we continuously involve the users in our innovation processes, and we are guided by the real market feedback. We are convinced that quantum sensing will truly revolutionize key sectors of our economy.

Bosch Quantum Sensing combines the best from the corporate world and the start-up world. On the one hand, we are able to drive innovation at full speed in an agile start-up environment. On the other hand, we benefit from the know how, research capabilities and other corporate assets that a global leader like Bosch can provide.

”Quantum technology will be a game changer in many areas - truly an "Invented for Life" technology. We see a great market potential for products and services based on the power of quantum sensors.”

Dr. Stefan Hartung

Chairman of the Board of Management of Robert Bosch GmbH
“As a global company with alliances and expertise in quantum technology, Bosch is taking the opportunity to drive innovation in this market in an agile start-up environment.”

Dr. Katrin Kobe

CEO of Bosch Quantum Sensing
“Bosch's promise to its associates is being delivered more than ever in our start-up: we grow together, we enjoy our work, and we inspire each other.”

Florian Krist

Product Manager at Bosch Quantum Sensing