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Bosch Quantum Sensing

Revolutionary technology

Quantum technology is pushing the boundaries of what is possible – in both data processing and sensors. Above all, the aim is to increase the broad practical benefit of quantum effects – for everything from high precise navigation to neurological diagnosis.

Our technology

Quantum sensing uses the individual atoms of a gas or defects in solids as atomic measuring instruments. Because of the special way they are initialized before measurement and their ability to detect individual quantum states after measurement, these sensors achieve unprecedented precision. They will soon allow measurements that are nearly 1,000 times more precise than those done by today’s established MEMS sensors. Quantum sensors will, for example, be able to help diagnose neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s more accurately and easily. They can also be used to record nerve impulses, and thus to control artificial limbs one day.

Bosch has been researching quantum sensing for seven years now. We have built fully functional and powerful demonstrators. The long-term goal is to achieve further miniaturization and integrate the technology on a chip.

Quantum magnetometer

Quantum magnetometers can, for example, be used to detect the tiny magnetic fields generated by physiological processes.

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